Blouberg Accommodation

There are many reasons why the Blouberg has become such a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, should you also manage to find the right accommodation from which to conduct your explorations, this can serve to make an already awesome experience even more enjoyable. Firstly, though, what exactly is it that now prompts so many visitors, both from South Africa and a growing number of overseas countries to flock to this region throughout most of the year?

Looking for Accommodation with a Difference in the Blouberg?

Located in South Africa’s Limpopo province in the extreme north-easterly corner of the country and straddled by the tropic of Capricorn, travellers to the region are spared the much higher temperatures experienced elsewhere at this latitude by virtue of its altitude, which results in a generally milder year-round average. The Makgabeng Plateau lies at about 900 metres above sea level, while the rocky Blouberg Mountain Range, which overlooks it, towers to a height of more than 2 000 metres above the plain in places, its castle-like outcrops and sheer walls extending westward from the Soutpansberg.

From suitable accommodation in the heart of this malaria-free region, both its peaks and its plains can be within easy reach, and each of these harbours plenty to pique the interest of visitors young and old. The sheer cliff faces, for instance, present a variety of challenges that no red-blooded rock climber will be able to resist. Elsewhere in the region, the rocks hold a very different kind of attraction. Etched and dyed into their surfaces, the bushman tribes that once roamed and hunted on the plateau have left a fascinating pictorial account of their lives and their religious beliefs in the red sandstone rocks. For the new breed of spiritual tourists in search of their roots, this region, which is the site of Africa’s most extensive collection of rock art, along with the abundant archaeological evidence of the planet’s earliest human settlements, is little short of a mother lode.

To enjoy the magic of the Blouberg Mountains and the valley plains over which they stand sentinel, there can be no better way to begin than by booking some comfortable accommodation. Ideally, it should be conveniently located at the threshold of the Makgabeng Plateau. A magnet, not just for rock climbers and those keen to explore the region’s history, but also for wildlife enthusiasts, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge is a venue that ticks all of the boxes. It even caters for those who are happy to forsake an air-conditioned, en-suite room with all the comforts of home in exchange for nights under canvas, and the chance to be closer to the heart of the plateau.

Whether staying in one of the Hananwa thatched chalets or Farmhouse suites located at the main lodge, or at the well-appointed, rock art campsite, the region’s beauty surrounds you and its flora and fauna, abundant in their diversity, provide a source of constant delight. Home to around 50 varieties of mammals and more than 300 species of raptors, the Blouberg region is a photographer’s dream.

When booking accommodation at our lodge, there is a choice of guided tours that includes a chance to catch sight of Africa’s Big Five and, when your day is done, you can enjoy excellent food, in an idyllic and tranquil setting.

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