Camp Sites near Limpopo

Camping in Limpopo’s Makgabeng

Campers of all types have one thing in common – the desire to get away from it all and immerse themselves in nature and their surroundings. There are those who like to have a few luxuries and mod cons at hand, and those who are adventurous, dyed-in-the-wool “the rougher, the better” camping aficionados, who only seek and require the barest essentials to enjoy themselves in untamed nature.

Caravan Campers

If you’re one of the former types, camping out in one of Limpopo’s nature reserves in a caravan that’s equipped with the latest home comforts will undoubtedly suit you to a T, providing that the campsite is accessible to caravans, and offers some or all of the facilities that modern caravan campers expect and on which they rely.

Limpopo province is vast, offering numerous attractions and accommodation options. Consequently, sites with sophisticated facilities for those caravan campers who prefer their comforts are plentiful.

Committed to Camping

Alternatively, the latter, hard-core campers are delighted to discover exactly the ideal camp conditions that they love at our Makgabeng Farm Lodge’s Rock Art Camp. Such rustic camp sites are no longer a dime a dozen, because most undeveloped land in or near Limpopo is either privately or government owned, thus inaccessible to nature lovers, explorers and outdoorsmen/women

Our farm lodge’s Rock Art Camp is scenically located amongst the foothills of the Makgabeng Plateau, from where campers overlook the unique, sharply pointed Thabananhlana Mountain (its name aptly means “mountain with a sharp point”).

Rock Art Camp Site

Our camp offers ablution facilities and an open-air boma where you can braai or cook your meals and relax under the magnificent, clear African night sky with its myriad of twinkling stars, before a good night’s sleep in your tent. Please remember that there’s no electricity, so see to it that your batteries are charged and bring your solar light.

Our Rock Art Camp is the ideal base for further exploration and adventure. In the area, visitors can view the remains of ancient cultures and civilisations which once dwelt in this incredible place, which is also a bird watcher’s paradise and home to more than 300 species of feathered friends.

There are hiking trails aplenty, traditional villages to explore, indigenous fauna and flora to discover on foot or while taking a leisurely donkey cart ride, guided rock art tours and rock climbing.

The Makgabeng Plateau is extensive; it can be seen from outer space, yet it is also one of the areas that features the richest collection of ancient rock paintings in South Africa. More than 300 rock art sites have been identified on the plateau; naming our camp site as we did was virtually inevitable.

Many excellent examples of the artworks of various indigenous tribes who inhabited the area at different times are near to the camp. This includes rock paintings of the San people. One can easily spend several days absorbed in these depictions of ancient cultural practices, exactly as they were painted so very long ago.

The Makgabeng experience is a must do. Camping in such an ancient, hauntingly beautiful landscape serves to enhance your experience a thousand fold. In 2009, the Makgabeng Plateau was included in a newly proclaimed UNESCO biosphere reserve, all the more reason to come and pitch your tent at Makaleng’s Rock Art Camp in the heart of Limpopo.

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