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Blouberg Accommodation

Accommodation Near the Evocative Blouberg Mountains

There’s an old Afrikaans folk song that may refer to the Blouberg mountain range, which is located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The song begins: “My hartjie, my liefie, die son sak … Read more

Limpopo Accommodation

It’s really quite remarkable to take note of how so many aspects of life, history and trends seem to repeat themselves. Yesteryear’s fashions are once again in vogue and scenario planners tell mankind to look to the past in order … Read more

Rock Art Tours

Are you fascinated by history and the distant past, as are so many other people? This interest often begins with the immediate preceding generation of one’s family members, the way they lived and their perceived lack of latter-day modern amenities.… Read more

Accommodation near Limpopo

Fellow South Africans, did you ever imagine that tourists from abroad could teach you anything about your own country? Well, they can. Overseas tourists are typically enquiring and adventurous, always delighting in visiting as many of South Africa’s attractions as … Read more