Limpopo Accommodation

It’s really quite remarkable to take note of how so many aspects of life, history and trends seem to repeat themselves. Yesteryear’s fashions are once again in vogue and scenario planners tell mankind to look to the past in order to predict the future. History, although relegated to the past, is always with modern man, especially in an area like Limpopo, where the ancients once lived.

Limpopo’s Wonderful Farm-Style Accommodation and Warm Hospitality

Accommodation at the Castle

Soon after Van Riebeeck’s arrival at the Cape of Storms in 1652, a fortified settlement and then the Cape Town Castle were built – the only safe and secure accommodation available to the earliest explorers, settlers, sea farers and soldiers of the garrison stationed in the Cape.

Into the Heartland and Limpopo

The so-called heartland or inland regions of southern Africa were as yet unexplored and unknown to European settlers. In the course of time, principally due to differing political and ideological views, the eastern and northern parts of the country would be discovered by those of European ancestry.

These northern territories include today’s Limpopo, South Africa’s most northerly province. Limpopo has its own very rich and diverse cultural history. It was occupied by indigenous peoples and ancient tribes long before the arrival of the first Europeans, “expats” from the Cape.

Early Farmstead Accommodation

Former Cape residents sought land which they could farm, independent of the Cape. For a long time thereafter, travellers in need of accommodation would stop at farmsteads for a night or two in order to rest their oxen, horses and themselves.

They were always hospitably received, because this was the accepted practice adopted by farmers and travellers alike. When and where there were no other types of accommodation on offer, farm homes were the obvious and only solution.

In the Midst of Limpopo’s Heritage Sites

In Limpopo and elsewhere in rural areas, farming remains close to the hearts of South Africans, who are known for the friendly reception and warm hospitality extended to guest whom they accommodate to this very day.

More and more South African leisure travellers, holidaymakers and tourists from abroad are realising how many wonderful attractions and places of interest exist in the interior of the country. One doesn’t always have to visit an often oversubscribed coastal resort or inland hotel chain establishment in order book comfortable accommodation for a well-deserved getaway.

Instead, why not book your accommodation at a farm lodge in Limpopo, right on the doorstep of a number of this country’s precious cultural and heritage sites – Mapungubwe, the Makgabeng Plateau, the Blouberg and some of South Africa’s most impressive rock art sites?

Makgabeng Farm Lodge ticks many important boxes, amongst them a welcome return to a farm environment, lovely accommodation options and the sincere, warm hospitality for which Limpopo’s farming folks are so highly appreciated by travellers from everywhere.

Lodge Accommodation Options

• 7 Old Farmhouse suites
• 10 Thatched Hananwa-style chalets
• 1 Executive/Honeymoon suite

All our suites feature air conditioning, en-suite bathroom facilities, tea/coffee stations, eight DStv channels, a fridge and internet access. The executive option offers additional luxuries.

Makgabeng Farm Lodge is the ideal farm breakaway, from which to explore our corner of Limpopo and its invaluable heritage treasures. Book your accommodation with us and experience all the delights of our area; farm-style hospitality is guaranteed.

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