South African Rock Art Tours

The abundance of South African rock art has sparked interest in tours to many of the country’s regions of which some are reasonably accessible while others are quite remote. All, however, are able to generate a timeless appeal in those who experience them for the first time and in many of them, that spark will ignite a lifelong flame. It is inherent in all humans to be curious about their origins. Today, with Africa now widely accepted as the birthplace of humankind, could there really be anywhere better for people of all races and creeds to learn of the nature and the endeavours of their earliest fellow humans?

Enjoy the Timeless Appeal of South African Rock Art Tours

Unlike fossil remains, South African rock art seen on tours of the various sites portray stories that have no need of specialised interpretations by academics or archaeologists in order to unravel their meanings. These simple pictures are rather like a comic strip without words and successfully convey a particular story that is clear to all, but that still retain something of that magical sense of life that, by contrast, the centuries have drained from artefacts such as bone fragments and primitive tools.

The three main contributors to this primitive but effective form of self-expression are the San, the closely-related Khoikhoi and the relative newcomers from among the tribes of the Northern Sotho people, and South African rock art tours are now available for enthusiasts wishing to visit many of those regions in which examples of each of these individual contributor’s unique efforts are to be found.

In the Western Cape, there are sites in northern areas like the Cederberg, where more than 2 500 sites have been uncovered, as well as down south in Fish Hoek where at Peers Cave a cache of stone tools, weapons and the remains of nine people accompanied the ancient rock paintings discovered there by a father and son in 1927.

Fascinating as these examples most certainly are, there is only one place in the country where those enjoying a South African rock art tour will have the chance to view the works of all three of these ancient artistic peoples in a single location. The Makgabeng plateau has, at various times, been home to the San and Khoikhoi bushman tribes, as well as to those of the Northern Sotho. All three of these have left their indelible mark in the timeless pictorial stories imprinted on the ancient sandstone surfaces – the natural alternative to canvas provided by this ruggedly beautiful landscape.

There are, of course, many other good reasons to visit the Makgabeng plane with its nearby Blouberg mountain range and its almost 10 000 hectare nature reserve, apart from the chance to experience one of the best South African rock art tours. For many visitors to this area, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge now provides the perfect base from which to conduct their exploration, either under their own steam or by availing themselves of the various excursions options provided by our team at the lodge.

Here you can rely on secure and comfortable accommodation that ensures the sound night’s sleep that will leave you ready and eager for the adventures of the day ahead. There is no better starting point for South African rock art tours in Limpopo.

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