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On a monthly basis, we do a Rock Art Bush walk, this involves minimal rock climbing whilst guests enjoy the beauty of the amazing ancient Rock Art Paintings.

This tour starts at 8am until 4pm. The cost for this tour is R320 a per person and for a couple/2 persons is R500. We have a family special of R700 for a maximum of 4 persons. The costs include lunch and refreshments at our campsite on the mountain.

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This is about a 1200m steep hike and requires an acceptable level of fitness. Due to the steepness of the mountain it is usually climbed circling it around. However some of the experienced hikers do often hike the mountain vertically, though with maximum energy effort. The beauty about this hike is that over and above its beautiful landscape scenery, guests turn to enjoy the arrival at the granary centre (i.e. shelters where the bushmen use to hide/put crops after harvesting). The cost for this hike is/are same as the Rork Art bushwalk.

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The hike of the Blouberg mountain is one amongst the most favoured amongst the hikers we have met. The extraordinary beauty of the mountain including the waterfall, rivers, yellow-wood trees being experienced as we ascent the mountain are just a few breath-taking experience at the Blouberg.

This is an excursion for an outdoor fanatic and it involves an overnight sleep on the mountain. The very top of the mountain is absolutely beautiful with rivers all over and hikers need not bring water as the mountain holds enough fresh water for all.

For this hike hikers are required to bring own hiking gear and full information is made available to all hikers on booking. We run this as a group hike excursion and the cost is R1,800 for a group of 6 persons. This cost includes snags and refreshments en-route top of mountain but it excludes supper. Hikers are advised to bring own meals & refreshments for supper however full detail is communicated upon booking.

For those who wish to hike freely without having to carry luggage, the Lodge has made concessions with local community members to offers potting service at additional R150 per potter to and from the mountain.

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