African Safaris

Makgabeng Safari Lodge is steeped in rich history. Our lodge is located in the heart of the Limpopo Savannah bushveld in the massive Blouberg Mountain. We overlook the incredible and ancient Makgabeng Plateau, which is famous for its ancient rock art paintings and its spiritual connection with ancient lost civilisations.

Book Your African Safaris with Makgabeng Farm Lodge

The lodge has always endeavoured to make the most of our historically rich and significant surroundings, as evidenced from everything from the views of the lodge over the Makgabeng Plateau to the activities and tours we offer. One of the popular activities on offer includes African rock art safaris.

You can experience history in motion by taking up one of our many African safaris, which concentrates on African rock art. People from all walks of life travel to the area to partake in these fascinating safaris. They also do it to discover a living piece of history right on their doorstep. We are best positioned to offer you a comfortable stay during your visit with our three-star accommodation. Partake in our fascinating program that sees you going to the heart of the rock art locations, exposing the rich history that South Africa offers.

What Can You Expect On Your African Safari?

Our African safaris are some of the most popular attractions that Makgabeng Farm Lodge offers. The program is developed around your needs and on the first day upon arrival, we offer you a scrumptious supper and briefing before heading down for an overnight rest. The next day sees a 28 kilometre drive to New Jerusalem in the early morning.

Here we meet the tour guide and take a hike to many different rock art sites and explore all the sites the area offers. After this we head to the overnight camp at the Makgabeng campsite, where a delicious bush supper is prepared and waiting. Those interested can enjoy exploring the natural light that the amazing Limpopo starry night sky has to offer.

On the third day we drive to the Glen Alpine Dam after breakfast en-route to Ga-Kobe, where we overnight camp at the dam and enjoy a hearty braai next to the dam. Day four sees us departing and making our way back after one of the most celebrated African rock safaris available in South Africa. All parts of your African safari takes place in malaria-free zones, and as we are visiting archaeological sites, there are strict rules that apply.

Discounts on Large Group Bookings for African Safaris with Makgabeng Safari Lodge

If you book a safari for ten or more people, your group qualifies for a 10% discount, offering you even more value for money. Book your African safari with Makgabeng Farm Lodge and partake in the many other local attractions on offer. To learn more about our many African safari tours and to find out more about our accommodations, contact Makgabeng Farm Lodge today. We look forward to providing you with a memorable stay and exciting African safari that will stay with you for many years to come.

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