Blouberg Accommodation

The demand for Blouberg accommodation has risen steadily in recent years. Although part of the explanation for this increased interest can be attributed to a Rand worth little against major currencies that has pushed overseas destinations beyond the reach of many South Africans, this is certainly not the sole reason for the region’s attraction. There is little doubt, for instance, that concerns about an ailing environment and repeated warnings about the many species of indigenous wildlife that are now in very real danger of extinction prompted many who might have chosen a seaside holiday, instead, to choose a closer-to-nature experience, while it still remains an option.

Some Very Good Reasons for Booking Blouberg Accommodation

Why then are travellers booking Blouberg accommodation in particular? Located in the country’s most northerly province of Limpopo and straddling the tropic of Capricorn, this magnificent mountain range towers over a vast plain which is itself almost a thousand metres above sea level. The altitude serves to limit peak temperatures, providing a more temperate climate that is less strain on those who choose to explore in summer. This is no less appealing to the wildlife than to the tourists, and it has served to make it a welcome refuge for some of the country’s rarer species, including a number of insects and reptiles that are unique to the area.

Birdwatchers feature prominently among those seeking Blouberg accommodation. This is perhaps not too surprising, given that the rocky cliffs provide a perfect safe haven for many species of birds of prey; among them the increasingly rare Cape griffon or vulture. Already added to the red list of threatened species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it lays just one egg annually and, today, only around 8 000 remain, so ornithologists must study them while they still can.

For every traveller who visits the region in order to experience the wonders of Mother Nature, there is another whose purpose is to challenge her. For some this may simply mean that their Blouberg accommodation will furnish them with a convenient base camp for a hiking holiday and the chance to explore some of the many trails to be found in the region. For those made of stouter stuff, though, the mountain range, that soars to over two thousand metres in places, acts like a magnet for rock climbers from all over the world. For many of these, it will provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pit their skills against the wall known as the “Moonshadow” with a sheer face that extends vertically for 350 metres.

Not all who set out in the direction of the rocks from their Blouberg accommodation, however, intend to climb. This is an area that boasts the largest number of Bushman rock art sites in the country, making it a favoured destination for cultural tourism. Finding a place to stay in the area is not difficult, but finding one that offers all the comfort and convenience that will ensure that your visit is a memorable one limits your choice and many discerning travellers in the region will tell you that you need look no further than our Makgabeng Farm Lodge.

Offering a choice of traditional chalet or farmhouse suite, succulent cuisine and a programme of guided tours this is Blouberg accommodation par excellence.

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