Blouberg Accommodation

Accommodation Near the Evocative Blouberg Mountains

There’s an old Afrikaans folk song that may refer to the Blouberg mountain range, which is located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The song begins: “My hartjie, my liefie, die son sak weg” (my heart, my love, the sun is setting) and a little later, part of the refrain: “daar anderkant die blou berge” (there, beyond the blue mountains or Blouberg).

Blouberg or Blue Mountain

Alternatively, the mountains to which this song of love’s longing refers may simply have appeared blue in colour, because they were so distant. His mountains may have been visible on the horizon, too far away for him to travel, especially without the luxury of taking a break en route and enjoying overnight accommodation facilities.

One accepts that the true nature and location of the blue mountain in question is unknown. Nevertheless, it just might be the Blouberg of the Makgabeng Plateau, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge, and the surrounding Blouberg Nature Reserve, which is part of the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, the area as a whole being a UNESCO accredited Biosphere Reserve as from 2009.

West of the Soutpansberg

The Blouberg is situated west of the Soutpansberg, to which the Voortrekkers, under leadership of Louis Tregardt, trekked with his party and where the town of Louis Trichardt was later established.

The Brak River, a Sand River tributary, separates the Soutpansberg from the Blouberg, which may thus have been the folksinger’s major obstacle in his quest to visit his beloved. Sadly for him, there was no accommodation available near Blouberg at the time, unlike today.

Makgabeng and its Plateau

The Makgabeng Plateau and the Blouberg are indeed enormous (both visible from space), while also offering a host of attractions for guests who are nature lovers, bird watchers, rock climbers, hikers, and those who are interested in history, geology, archaeology, indigenous cultures, fauna and flora, as well as rest and relaxation.

Blouberg Accommodation at Makgabeng Farm Lodge

Today, guests have a number of accommodation options that are sure to suit those who wish to explore the delights of the Blouberg and the Makgabeng Plateau. Our farm lodge is nestled between the Blouberg and the awesome cliffs and rock formations of the plateau, offering the best of both worlds from a scenic and interest point of view.

Makgabeng Farm Lodge is graded as a 3-star establishment. All our 18 rooms are equipped with air conditioners, en-suite bathrooms (shower or bath), tea/coffee stations, and TVs with select DStv channels. The Old Farmhouse boasts 7 suites, plus a honeymoon/executive suite that is furnished with a king-sized bed, whilst the equally luxurious bathroom incorporates a magnificent bath and shower. 10 spacious thatched Hananwa chalets each accommodate 2 people. Each chalet offers guests a bath and distinctive rock art shower, as well as a lovely veranda with spectacular views.

You will also find a clear blue communal swimming pool, as well as delicious dining in the lodge – breakfast, lunch and dinner, as required. We present a fusion of traditional and western styled meals, expertly prepared using local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Occasionally, you may want to try something more exotic (to western palates) from our Taste of Blouberg menu.

Unlike our imaginary erstwhile folk singer, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you book your Blouberg accommodation with us at Makgabeng Farm Lodge.