Blouberg Accommodation

Although Blouberg accommodation is plentiful enough, there are many things to be considered when making your selection. The first time visitor to this area, in particular, is likely to be more than a little surprised by just how much there is to be seen and experienced within this fascinating nature reserve, which ranges from mountains to savannah, and extends for more than 23 000 acres. This is not a place to visit on a day trip, so it is advisable to plan on a stay of four or five days as a bare minimum.

A Truly Unforgettable Blouberg Visit Starts with the Right Accommodation

That being the case, before proceeding to book your Blouberg accommodation, the next step should rather be to decide on which form it should take. Are you the type that enjoys the allure of the outdoors and who loves nothing better than to spend your nights under canvas, or would the comfort of a soft bed in an air-conditioned en-suite bedroom be more your scene? The area has quite a number of campsites to choose form. Of these, some are actually quite basic, while others offer such conveniences as ablutions and cooking facilities. Alternatively, there is also a scattering of more permanent structures and these too vary in terms of what they are able to offer their guests.

Most Blouberg accommodation is aimed at those who arrive by road and who then plan to make their own way through the park. For those who may arrive in less suitable transport, some resorts may offer their guests the option of hiring an off-road vehicle on a self-drive basis. In other cases, an owner may, instead, offer visitors the opportunity to explore the area in a more organised fashion with a programme of supervised tours.

Once again, the latter is a good choice for newcomers to the park. It offers them the means to experience more of its greatest attractions in the time available, while using their Blouberg accommodation as a comfortable base of operations. Furthermore, given that they will be under the care of an experienced guide, all risk that they could end up spending too much of their precious time simply trying to find their way around is eliminated.

In practice, it is quite possible to enjoy most of these options and a great deal more besides by the simple act of booking your stay at our Makgabeng Farm Lodge. Our lodge is conveniently located between the majestic cliffs of the plateau from which it takes its name and the towering mountain range known as the Blouberg.

Accommodation at the lodge presents our visitors with a choice of a thatched chalet, a farmhouse suite or an exclusive, lavishly appointed suite that is just perfect for the executive or a honeymoon couple. Whatever your choice, an en-suite bathroom/shower, air conditioning, a fridge, a tea and coffee station and 8 DStv channels are standard. Nearby, the Old Farmhouse houses a restaurant and offers the choice of cooling off in the pool or warming yourself in front of a roaring fire, depending upon the season.

Our lodge also caters for the outdoor lifestyle at the Makgabeng Rock Art Camp, providing platforms for tents and a Boma housing the ablutions and cooking facilities. Our exceptional Blouberg accommodation promises something for everyone.

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