Blouberg Mountain Tours

Blouberg mountain tours have gained considerable popularity in recent years and the trend appears to be just part of an emerging and growing desire by both local and international tourists to experience a greater sense of communion with Africa. Located in the nation’s most northerly province of Lesotho, the area is steeped in history and its signs are to be seen everywhere, even in the rocks themselves.

Blouberg Mountain Tours offer Visitors a Refreshingly Different Experience 

In the foothills of these towering peaks lie the ruins of ancient settlements in which some of the continent’s earliest communities once grew to prominence, only to disappear into the mists of time. Today, it is the lure of that splendid past that is fuelling the interest in Blouberg mountain tours and attracting visitors to similar destinations for a refreshingly different experience – one that is now being referred to by many as spiritual tourism.

In addition to the area’s rich cultural heritage, this is a region of natural beauty and there can be few sites that are more guaranteed to impress than the castle-like rock formations with their sheer walls that top these peaks which tower above the surrounding plateau by anything from around nine hundred metres to well over two thousand. On the Makgabeng Plateau, which forms a part of the much larger UNESCO nominated “Vhembe Biosphere Reserve”, those who choose to participate in these Blouberg mountain tours will also have the opportunity to enjoy a surprisingly wide diversity of local flora and fauna.

For those who may have energy to spare, the area is an absolute haven for rock climbers and renowned worldwide for the 350 metre, sheer “Moonshadow” wall that continues to attract climbing enthusiasts from all over South Africa and beyond. If that seems a bit too adventurous, there are numerous hiking trails on which to expend that spare energy, to get close to the earth and to tread in the footsteps of those ancients whose spirits are rumoured still to linger in the soil shared with the fossil evidence of cyanobacteria, among the earliest lifeforms on earth.

Blouberg mountain tours, like those in any of the more remote locations typical of spiritual tourism sites, will definitely be best conducted from a central base. This provides visitors with a place where they can relax in comfort and from which they can set out refreshed, each day, to explore somewhere new. On the Makgabeng Plateau, at least one of those days should be devoted to viewing the ancient rock art of the San, Khoikhoi and Northern Sotho people, for which this region is also famous. Where better to do so than from a well-appointed lodge situated within easy reach of all of the region’s greatest attractions.

Blouberg mountain tours are a speciality of the Makgabeng Farm Lodge and the perfect venue at which to arrange and enjoy a self-drive 4X4 getaway adventure. Our exceptional accommodation includes self-catering options and a choice of thatched rooms, family rooms, standard rooms and executive rooms, all of which are air conditioned and include a shower and TV with 8 channels. If required, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available from the restaurant, while the outdoor dining facilities offer a chance to enjoy the excitement of a cultural dance group to further enhance your Blouberg mountain tour.

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