Bochum Accommodation

Bochum is a small town in Limpopo and was founded by Stanley Thema who was a strong black businessman in the area. He built the first building in the area and the area expanded with a variety of small but successful businesses that serve the local community. Today, it is considered to be one of the fastest growing rural areas in the world. There is a diverse range of cultures to be found here, and the inhabitants include people from the faraway Ga-Malebogo and Mogwadi.

Try Bochum Accommodation for Your Next Weekend Getaway!

Bochum is becoming increasingly popular for tourists and holidaymakers who love to visit here, due to the natural splendour, spectacular setting and the historic sites in the Makgabeng Plateau. This area is part of a large biosphere reserve set against the majestic Blouberg Mountains. The vast and diverse collection of fauna and flora attracts nature lovers, and history and cultural tourism enthusiasts enjoy exploring the historic sites and many bushman rock drawings to gain insight into the lives of some of the first human beings to walk the earth. Rock climbers and hikers love the vast expanses of nature and the challenges presented by the terrain. For others who like a more peaceful experience, there is the stillness of nature and the stunning vistas to appreciate.

When looking for Bochum accommodation, there are many options, but self-catering and camping establishments are the most popular, as they provide better flexibility with travel and schedules, and are often a lot cheaper than guest lodges and hotels. Many of the visitors to Bochum want to explore the plateau and prefer to find accommodation close to it. Moving out of the town also means a better natural setting and more opportunities to reconnect with nature.

Makgabeng Farm Lodge provides outstanding accommodation options and guests may choose from two locations. There is a well-appointed establishment that provides everything a guest may need, such as en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, a bar/restaurant, television and entertainment area, as well as delicious food. Those who prefer to camp, always find the Makgabeng Rock Art Campsite closer to the region beyond Bochum delightful. Here, guests find Bochum accommodation in thatched wooden platforms for tents, ablution blocks and a traditional boma for preparing meals.

If you are looking for Bochum accommodation from where you can explore the plateau, give our friendly team at Makgabeng Farm Lodge a call to book your room or campsite.

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