Camping Accommodation Blouberg

Some peaks in the Blouberg Mountain Range in Limpopo tower to as much as 2 000 metres and the plateau below has long been a favourite camping destination for South Africans and overseas visitors alike. Here you may choose to carry your temporary accommodation on your back, to stack it on the roof of an off-road vehicle or, instead, to spend your nights in a comfortable bed at one of the local game lodges. Whatever your choice, however, this scenic wilderness that is straddled by the tropic of Capricorn is an area that is home to a plethora of attractions, some natural and some man-made. In addition, it is a region that provides the traveller with the opportunity to sample a little of the local culture and to share in some unique experiences

 Awesome Camping Accommodation in the Shadow of the Blouberg

Though already sizeable in its own right, the Blouberg is part of an even larger range that includes the Soutpansberg. It is characterised by rocky outcrops with an uncanny resemblance to medieval castle fortifications. The range is a magnet for rock climbers, many of whom like to conduct their expeditions from camping accommodation on the Makgabeng Plateau below.

For many of those who choose to set up camp on the plateau, it is not the rock itself that provides the attraction, but the images that are to be found on its surface at the more than 200 ancient rock art sites dotted around the region. Created predominately by the San and Khoikhoi bushmen tribes that once thrived throughout this area, the images they have left in the soft red sandstone tell of their religious rites, of their hunting exploits in grasslands teaming with wild game, and of their families and daily lives. Now almost absent in this area, these ancient people have left behind a legacy that draws tourists from every corner of the earth.

While there are plenty of places to pitch a tent in the area, safe and well-appointed camping accommodation within a reasonable distance of the Blouberg is likely to prove a good deal harder to find. Catering for the needs of those who require a location close to the region’s main features, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge has extended its offering to include a second site set in the heart of the plateau and overlooked by the distinctive silhouette of the Thabananhlana which, in Northern Sotho, means “mountain with a sharp point”.

Rather than the en-suite bedroom in a traditional thatched cottage or farm suite and the bar, restaurant and pool enjoyed by guests at the main lodge, our satellite site has been designed for outdoor living. Its four raised platforms provide the bases on which to erect tents, while a thatched roof provides additional shelter. Together with the all-important ablutions and some space in which to do the cooking, our site offers camping accommodation that is more than a match for any to be found in the Blouberg region.

Though providing a great base for a group of off-roaders, it also caters for those on foot. Experienced guides can assist you on hiking expeditions or in finding the best rock art sites, and can also arrange a tour of a traditional Hananwa village or a game viewing safari in the back of a donkey cart.

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