Camping Accommodation near Limpopo

Not enough people are fans of camping, but this means that they miss out on one of the most pleasurable ways of taking some time out. Life moves too fast nowadays, and spending time in some great camping accommodation near Limpopo may just be what you need to restore your energy levels and to refresh the soul! There are many reasons why people love to camp. The benefits of a restful camping break include of more than just the physical. Here are some good reasons why you should choose to camp out during your next holiday!

Why You Should Try Our Camping Accommodation near Limpopo

  • It is affordable – Going away, especially as a family, can be very expensive, but camping is a great way to save money. This means that you may be able to afford a longer break or to spend your money on doing activities in the area. Often, those who stay in hotels or guest lodges are faced with extravagant bills on the day of checkout, but this won’t happen when you camp. You can swing a comfortable camping trip for roughly half of what you would pay if you stayed in a hospitality establishment – also enjoying it twice as much.
  • It allows you to reconnect with nature – We forget how much we lose touch with nature when we are constantly surrounded by concrete, air-conditioned air, noise and city smog. It becomes part of our lives and we forget how our connection with nature helps to restore our sense of being. Staying in a place where you are surrounded by natural landscapes, fresh air, beautiful fauna and flora, stunning sunsets and beautiful sunrises allows us to breathe in the restful essence of nature, and helps us to reconnect not only with ourselves, but also with others.
  • Hyperconnectivity is interrupted – We tend to spend our lives on cellphones, tablets and computers, flicking from one app to another. Our social lives are practically conducted on a virtual platform and even though we are “connected” to many more people, we don’t really talk to each other anymore. Choosing to stay at camping accommodation near Limpopo can interrupt that flurry of technology that hijacks our lives and steals our time. Most people who do take technology on a camping trip inevitably find that they lose interest in cyberspace while camping, because there is just too much to see and do. If you really have to take your cellphone on a camping trip, be sure to load some good music and perhaps a step tracker for those fantastic hikes through nature, because those will be the only apps you will need!
  • It helps with mindfulness – For those who find that formal meditation doesn’t work for them, free meditation in nature could be the answer. Instead of sitting still, “free meditation” can be done while walking in the surroundings, and becoming more aware of small details in the flowers or trees surrounding you. This can centre awareness and quiet the mind with the stillness of natural sounds.

If you are planning a camping trip to experience these and many other benefits, we highly recommend our camping accommodation near Limpopo. At Makgabeng Farm Lodge, we provide exceedingly comfortable camping accommodation in stunning, historic surroundings. Give our friendly team a call to find out more!

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