Camping hotspots near Limpopo

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and to take some time out from the chaos of our daily lives. It is a simple and cheap way to get away, to contemplate, to rest and to still the mind. While there are literally thousands of campsites all over South Africa, camping hotspots near Limpopo remain exceedingly popular, and many people from all over the country choose to camp here.

Why People Love Camping Hotspots Near Limpopo

One of the best camping hotspots near Limpopo is the Makgabeng Plateau. Located near the border of the Limpopo province, this plateau is a wonder of nature. Ancient rock art can be found here and the area provides visible evidence of age-old human activity. The nature here is breathtaking and there are many different hiking routes and historic experiences. There are many different attractions to be found in this area – history enthusiasts, adrenalin junkies and wildlife lovers can all find something here that will fascinate and enthral them. The fauna and flora include around three hundred different species of birds, and around fifty different types of mammals. There is also a very large variety of insects and reptiles, and many of these are unique to this area.

Cultural tourists are also fascinated by this area because of its rich and ancient cultural history. They come to this area to reconnect with their roots, with history and with nature. The many relics dating back to prehistoric times and long-lost communities provide fascinating insight into how early humans lived here, and there are around three hundred sites of ancient bushman rock art to be admired here. Adrenalin junkies and those who love physical activity and adventure are also fascinated by this area, and many choose to spend their weekends at camping hotspots near Limpopo while exploring on foot or mountain bikes.

A very popular camp site is situated at Makgabeng Farm Lodge. Our lodge and campsite are situated about 40 minutes’ drive from Polokwane. Because of its proximity to Gauteng, it is especially easy to reach for city folk wanting to get away from it all for a weekend. Makgabeng Farm Lodge is the perfect base from where to explore all the interesting sights and activities of the area. Many guests return again and again to enjoy the hospitality and our well-maintained, comfortable campsite and loge, and may consider it to be one of the most comfortable camping hotspots near Limpopo!

At Makgabeng Lodge, you will find good old-fashioned, warm hospitality and outstanding service. We have won a variety of hospitality awards, and we pride ourselves on responsible tourism and social responsibility towards the local communities. Because we care deeply about the environment and surrounding communities, we ensure that our practices are sustainable, and we have set up a trust in which we raise money to help protect local heritage sites. We also take pride in using local ingredients and suppliers wherever we can to support economic growth in the area.


Whenever you feel the need to get away and go camping, give our team a call!

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