Camping Site Limpopo

Any choice of camping site in Limpopo will be influenced by the particular region of the province that the visitor may wish to explore. For many of the South Africans and overseas visitors who choose to venture north to investigate this land straddled by the Tropic of Capricorn, the Blouberg and its immediate surroundings are a favourite destination. It is one that offers the tourist a wealth of natural beauty, and a wide selection of flora and fauna along with a number of man-made creations that cannot fail to impress those for whom its history and its culture may be a source of fascination.

The Ideal Camping Site from which to Explore Limpopo

Naturally, a camping site in Limpopo or anywhere else in the country, for that matter, is likely to mean different things to different people. Some may visualise a place where one can pitch a bivouac, cook steaks and chops over an open wood fire, and perhaps enjoy the convenience of an ablution block, a security fence and a source of potable water. By contrast, others may be more inclined to seek something that is blessed with a few more basic home comforts or even a touch of luxury. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible to provide the latter, even in locations that still retain the appearance and the ambience of unspoiled wilderness.

Regardless of its facilities, a camping site in Limpopo will also need to be situated within easy reach of those features that are of the greatest interest to its guests so, as with any form of accommodation, location is an important consideration. The Blouberg region, much of which is occupied by the Makgabeng Plateau, occupies an area of around 36 square kilometres and is part of the much larger Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, the sixth of its kind to be declared in South Africa, of which three are located in the province of Limpopo.

The small town of Bochum serves as a portal for many of those who wish to venture into these parts. However, as a camping site in Limpopo with easy access to the plateau, those who camp there will still be faced with a fairly lengthy drive through the bushveld in order to reach most places of interest. At almost 40 kilometres closer to the plateau, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge offers a choice of accommodation, and means that its guests can spend far less time travelling and more in pursuing the main purpose of their visit.

From the lodge, wildlife enthusiasts are free to book a guided game drive or to arrange a tour of the fascinating rock art sites, or even to stay at its alternative venue, a unique and well-appointed camping site amid this fascinating Limpopo natural art gallery. Here, the daily lives and beliefs of the Khoikhoi and San Bushmen tribes that once populated these plains remain etched in the region’s red sandstone.

Similar tours provide birders with the chance to observe several species of birds of prey, including the increasingly rare Cape vulture, while various opportunities for hiking and rock climbing are also a major attraction for guests at our lodge.

At our main lodge, air-conditioned, en-suite comfort offers the chance to relax and recover, while the traditional cuisine makes this a truly exception camping site in Limpopo.

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