Limpopo Accommodation

The phrase “Limpopo accommodation” has a magical ring. It is, of course, not the reference to a room with a bed that conjures the feeling, but the name of the second largest river in Africa which, in its original Sepedi form meant “gushing strong waterfalls”. It is an artery carrying life and giving water from its source in the heart of Gauteng, meandering through the North West province and Botswana, to complete its huge arc when turning southward through the province that now shares its name, before emptying into the Indian Ocean some 1 750 kilometres distant.

Finding the Perfect Limpopo Accommodation

For those who may decide to book some form of accommodation in Limpopo, the river has a number of rapids that offer a challenge or two for canoeists. It is also unique in offering visitors the opportunity to observe the Zambesi shark with an unusually high tolerance for fresh water that has seen them caught hundreds of kilometres upriver from the sea. Just two years ago, around 15 000 crocodiles were also released into the lower reaches of the river.

Beyond the waters of the river, the province also offers the traveller some pretty spectacular land-based attractions and the chance to explore them from suitable Limpopo accommodation. Certainly its largest attraction is the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, declared as such by UNESCO in 2009. The reserve is made up of the Soutpansberg, the Makulele Wetlands, the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape and even incorporates a part of the world-renowned Kruger National Park, providing an absolute treasure house of natural wonders to be enjoyed by visitors to this fascinating region.

Among those natural wonders there are also some created by man that display a unique fascination of their own. The Bushman tribes that once thrived on the plateau have left a legacy that, for many who book Limpopo accommodation, provides the main reason for their visit. Rock art created by both the San and their rivals, the Khoikhoi, abound throughout the region, amounting to around 800 individual sites. Their works date back centuries and depict elements of their lives and religious rituals in primitive paintings and carvings that cannot fail to fascinate. The plateau is unique in being host to the only site in South Africa at which the works of both Bushman tribes and that of its more recent inhabitants, the Tswana speaking Hananwa people, can be seen side by side.

To fully enjoy the best that the province of Limpopo has to offer requires accommodation that is comfortable, convenient and whose management has an intimate knowledge of the region and its attractions. Ideally, this should also be backed up with the facilities needed to ensure that your bushveld experience is a memorable one. In practice, these words, describe perfectly, the features that have seen our Makgabeng Farm Lodge become one of the most sought-after venues for wildlife enthusiast and lovers of African culture in a province that is famed for an abundance of both.

In addition to the chalets and suites at our lodge, a second facility on the plateau, known as the Makgabeng Rock Art Camp, provides thatched forms for tents, a boma and ablutions, providing the ideal Limpopo accommodation choice for birders, hikers and lovers of rock art.

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