Limpopo Camping Accommodation

Many Gautengers, as well as those living in other parts of South Africa, are now heading north for their long weekend getaways, rather than driving to the coast. While many of these visitors will be seeking the extra comfort of a well-appointed game lodge at which to dine and relax between their various activities, an increasing number of them will be hoping for an experience that will bring them even closer to nature. Visitors to the nation’s most northerly province of Limpopo will be certain to find something that will fascinate them and, whether they choose to stay at a game lodge or to find suitable camping accommodation, they can look forward to an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the Limpopo Experience from this Bushveld Campsite

As a keen camper, it may be tempting to simply pitch your tent wherever you may choose, but there is every possibility that opting, instead, for an established, managed campsite could offer you a number of distinct advantages. Among the many attractions that the region has to offer is one of the richest collections of ancient rock art in the country. This this has seen it become a magnet for cultural tourism. For the benefit of those who wish to experience the works of these primitive artists, one of the most popular game lodges in Limpopo has established a site that offers convenient camping accommodation on the very threshold of a gigantic open-air art gallery known as the Makgabeng Plateau.


Located in a picturesque, rustic setting that overlooks the Blouberg Mountain Range, our site consists of four wooden platforms, each with a thatched roof, that serve to provide an elevated base for tents. In addition, there is also a traditional boma that houses the ablution facilities, while also providing shelter from the midday sun and plenty of space for cooking.


Known as the Makgabeng Rock Art Camp, this is an excellent choice for a self-drive group and the perfect base from which to embark on many other activities also open to the Limpopo tourist. From the camping accommodation itself, it is an easy hike to some of the famed rock art sites and the services of a local guide are always on hand if you should need them.


For those whose interest may be vested more in nature than in the region’s history, our campsite provides an equally convenient departure point for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. This is, in fact, a region that is famed for its diverse and, in some cases, unique species of birds, animals and plants. At night and under an invariably cloudless sky that is untainted by the all-pervading electric lighting of the city, this campsite on the plateau also offers a stunning platform for the amateur astronomer.


The camping accommodation is close to one of several villages on the plateau and, to complete your Limpopo adventure, it is a simple matter to arrange a visit and to enjoy a rare opportunity to experience traditional village life at first hand. If you are still in an adventurous mood, you could leave your 4×4 back at the campsite for a while and, instead, enjoy a more leisurely and unobstructed view of the local flora and fauna from the back of a donkey cart. Call us at Makgabeng Farm Lodge and arrange your stay today.

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