Limpopo Camping Accommodation

Camping accommodation is available throughout South Africa and Limpopo is a region that attracts more than its share of visitors who prefer this lifestyle to the alternative of staying in a hotel or a guest house. Naturally, of these three possibilities, spending a few nights under canvas is certain to be the least expensive option and a natural enough choice for a family on a tight budget. That being said, however, there are a number of other good reasons why this could prove to be the best choice for many of those who may wish to explore South Africa’s northernmost province.

Some Options for Those Seeking Camping Accommodation in Limpopo

One of the common reasons for selecting camping accommodation rather than something more formal, be it in Limpopo or any of the nine provinces, is that it can often enable the visitor to get closer to the focus of his or her interest, since hotels and guest houses tend to be restricted to large towns and cities, and this will invariably mean that considerably more of the visitor’s time must be spent on travelling, in order to reach and to return from those places in which he or she may be most interested.

Another constraint that sees many tourists choose the self-catering option is that the need to comply with pre-set mealtimes can seriously erode the time left for exploring. By contrast, camping accommodation in Limpopo or at any of the country’s popular destinations offers visitors the freedom to eat whatever and whenever they so choose, as well as to come and to go just as they please.

For both security and convenience, any campsite that you may select should offer certain basic facilities. While some individuals may be quite happy to pitch their tent just about anywhere, locating a site that offers the use of raised platforms for this purpose, could well mean that your sleep is far less likely to be disturbed by some unwelcome, six-legged intruder. In addition, when the night is over and your thoughts turn to bacon and eggs, and some steaming hot coffee, you might be grateful for camping accommodation that includes the shelter provided by a traditional boma when you’re ready to tackle the cooking. Likewise, a site that offers clean and efficient ablution facilities is, of course, a feature that is certainly a welcome boost to the overall enjoyment of the outdoor living experience for the average camper.

Particularly if you are a first-time visitor to the region, then it’s likely that a visit to one of the world-famous rock art sites features prominently in your itinerary. The Makgabeng Plateau is blessed with more of these sites than anywhere else on earth and together with the nearby Waterberg Mountains, represents one reason why camping accommodation is so sought after in Limpopo. If it is the fascinating artwork wrought by the long-departed bushmen tribes that captures your interest, the fact that our Makgabeng Farm Lodge maintains a campsite close to the sites that offers all of the features described above will be a definite bonus.

More formal lodgings are also available in the form of well-appointed, thatched chalets and farmhouse suites at the lodge itself. Our facility also features a restaurant for those who prefer to give camping accommodation in Limpopo a miss.

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