Looking for Accommodation in Bochum?

Unless they are travelling to this small town in order to do business or to visit relatives, those who may be looking for accommodation in Bochum are almost certainly planning to make a trip to the Makgabeng Plateau. The plateau is part of the much larger Vhembe Biosphere Reserve proclaimed by UNESCO in 2009 and is overlooked by the rocky Blouberg range of mountains. An area of exceptional scenic beauty that is rich with indigenous flora and fauna, and steeped in the history of the earliest humans to walk the earth, in recent decades, the plateau has evolved into an important destination for both ecological and cultural tourism. In addition, it also offers some great opportunities for hikers and a challenge or two for the keen rock climber.

Some Useful Advice to those Looking for Accommodation in Bochum

For those who may lack the inclination, the stamina or the necessary head for heights to scale the Blouberg peaks, many of the rock faces to be found locally offer alternative attractions. In fact, with a choice of more than 300, the plateau is home to more bushman rock art sites than any other region in South Africa or anywhere else on the African continent and, quite possibly, anywhere else in the world.

When looking for accommodation in Bochum, if it is your aim to explore the plateau, the best option may well be to look out for a self-catering establishment. Given that it is around a further 10 kilometres from the outskirts of the town to the borders of the plateau, being bound by the need to meet fixed mealtimes at a hotel or a B&B could seriously erode the hours of daylight available for exploration, especially if one of your goals is to check out some of the rock art sites. In practice, many of the tourists who are headed for the plateau prefer to get a little closer to their destination and, of course, this means that they are able to get a little closer to nature also.

Of those who choose to press on, our Makgabeng Farm Lodge lies in the heart of the plateau from which its name is derived. This means that rather than looking for accommodation in Bochum, guests may not just eliminate some of the travelling time needed to reach hiking trails, game viewing spots and rock art sites, but it will also leave guests of our establishment with more time to spend pursuing and enjoying the various experiences that they have come in search of.

Our lodge offers guests the choice of two alternative locations, one of which is a well-appointed and permanent venue with facilities such as en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioned bedrooms, DStv and access to a pool, a bar and some superb traditional meals if required. For those who may be looking for more modest accommodation in the region beyond Bochum that is closer to the plateau, our lodge also operates a campsite that is especially convenient for anyone who may which to view some of the region’s very best examples of bushman rock art. Nearby sites include one that is unique in that it includes work by the San and Khoikhoi tribes, as well as the local Hananwa people, in the same location.


Do yourself a favour. Explore the plateau from Makgabeng Farm Lodge.

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