South African Rock Art

If you want to explore South African rock art, then The Makgabeng Plateau is a definite site to place on your list. This Plateau is one of four distinct rock art areas situated within the central Limpopo Basin. It is also the only place in South Africa where paintings of the San, Khoikhoi and the Northern Sotho people can be found in one spot.

Makgabeng Plateau – One of South Africa’s Leading Rock Art Sites

The main attraction of The Makgabeng Plateau is the more than 890 San and Sotho rock art sites that are hidden under strange sandstone overhangs and outcrops. This area was inhabited by the Tswana, Sotho, San and Khoikhoi people for many centuries. Additionally, this area also offers an interesting recent history of ware between the Boers and the proud chiefs. This are is wonderfully isolated, and has somehow avoided mass settlements over the past hundred years, which has left the habitat beautifully pristine.

Archaeologists have studied this South African rock art site for decades, yet this vast wilderness still remains almost entirely unexplored as far as its bird life goes. You can delve into the wonderful and fascinating history that this area offers and take a step back into centuries of South African history.

Book Your Stay at Makgabeng Farm Lodge and Explore South African Rock Art Sites

If you intend visiting The Makgabeng Plateau and exploring South African rock art sites, then book your stay at Makgabeng Farm Lodge. We are only a few kilometres away from some of the country’s most celebrated rock art sites, and flanked by many world class tourist attractions. Our farm lodge is the ideal location from which to explore the great history that this area has to offer.

From thatched rooms, standard rooms, family rooms, executive rooms and basic accommodation, we have the accommodation solutions that fit your budget and needs. Our luxury accommodations offer you the modern conveniences that you have come to expect from your accommodation providers. There is no reason why you should give up on the comforts that you have come accustomed to while exploring some of South Africa’s leading rock art sites.

Local Attractions at Makgabeng Farm Lodge

Aside from our close proximity to The Makgabeng Plateau and its South African rock art sites, we are also close to many other great tourist attractions. The Blouberg Nature Reserve is situated west of Makhado, just off route 521. It is situated in a relatively obscure rural village and farming community at the foot of the Blouberg Mountain’s eastern foothills. It is well known for its beautiful nature vistas and rich bird populations.

The Gorge offers amazing views of incredible landscapes. Explore this gem of Africa and discover a place of complete serenity. We look forward to welcoming you to Makgabeng Farm Lodge and making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Contact our reservationist to confirm your booking and book our rock art safari for a guided walk through some of the top attractions of The Makgabeng Plateau.

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