The Makgabeng Plateau is known for what she keeps hidden in her caves nooks and crannies, and it presents a rare opportunity to see a large concentration of San, Khoikhoi and Hananwa Rock Art paintings all in one place.

The BaHananwa’s are a Northern Sotho tribe whose paintings are most probably some of the earliest forms of protest art to be recorded. Consequently the Makgabeng is the only place where these fascinating artworks can be experienced, with the modern living heritage of the BaHananwa people as a backdrop to this legacy.

At Makgabeng Lodge we offer a wide variety of tours and trips that explore the diverse culture, fascinating history and spectacular natural beauty of this unexplored part of Limpopo . Our tours are very flexible and can be customized and tailored to suite your respective needs. The “Magic of Makgabeng” is tailored for tourists on the go,  with half day, full day and stop over options. “Discover Blouberg” is for visitors that have extra time on their schedule and would like to explore a little more of what the area has to offer. If you are still hungry for more, “Experience Senwabarwana” will complete your trip with a glimpse into the fascinating history and culture of the this authentic african town.

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